If you are reading this information you might be considering offering your support to HDI Nigeria, so thank you, we are grateful.

You are able to contribute towards our work to care for and educate vulnerable children, widow etc through a variety of our programs. From donating essential materials and resources, to donating one-off funds, to becoming a monthly sponsor of our programs, to helping us share the stories of the people we support and the projects we undertake in social media. As a reputable NGO, we absolutely depend on the help and support that our friends like you can offer!

All donations to our charity are regulated by the Nigeria Charities Commission, including our annual accounts and annual report which demonstrates how our funds have been used, to ensure ethical oversight, transparency and best practice, and in-line with our Terms & Conditions. Our Board of Directors hold ultimate responsbility for deciding how our funds are spent and their decisions are based on coprehensive assesments of the priorities within our projects & programmes. And when you donate to a charity like ours, you can be assure that your money is judicuosly used.
we understand the priorities of the people and we make absolutely sure that all the work we do delivers real results. Nothing is wasted.

If you would like to learn about other ways you can support our charity – such as donating goods and materials, helping us tell the stories of the children and families we support, or organising partnerships through which we can be your dedicated charity at your place of work, Please contact us

On behalf of the HDI team – and of course the many children, families and communities whom we support – we would like to sincerely thank you for any contribution or support you can offer. And if you need any further assistance regarding making a donation to our charity or making payments for our volunteering placements, please contact us here.