The Human Development Initiatives (HDI) received support from the MacArthur Foundation to monitor the utilization of Universal Basic Education projects in collaboration with other grantees of the Foundation. The Project focuses mainly on Transparency and Accountability in the utilization of Universal Basic Education funds (UBEF), particularly in Lagos State. Read more

The project is aimed at entrenching good local governance and accountability for quality and accessible primary and junior secondary education at the local government level in Nigeria relative to the Universal Basic Education (UBE) policy framework. Specifically, the capacity of CSOs to engage governance and accountability will be strengthened and as well improved engagement of relevant institutions on issues surrounding basic education; and more so to encourage the participation of citizens in education governance.

HDI also works in the area of governance and accountability and specifically has a project designed and dedicated to strengthen accountability and governance at the local government area (LGA) level. The LGA is the closest to the people and the most critical level through which development may be accelerated and poverty alleviated. The LG budget-watch project introduced openness and publicity to LGA administration by publicizing at the local level budgetary allocations and monitoring its use..

The project intends to reduce corruption and poverty, support the disadvantaged people, pressure the Executive to design programmes that meet the basic needs of local people, improve the quality of lives of local people and reinforce development capacity.
For more information on this project kindly visit the Budget Watch web link.