HDI regularly encounters widows requesting help with various issues ranging from financial and empowerment needs to Health challenges.

It should be noted that certain needs of widows especially as relating to their children are basic and do not require huge amounts of money to meet. ;Such include: provision of uniforms, schools shoes, and school bags among others.

A story

“On a particular day, a widow came to HDI office seeking for better employment, she came in company of her daughter who was in SS1 at Herbert Macaulay Senior Secondary School, during school hours. Having explained the reason for her visit, she was interviewed on why her daughter was not in school, she answered that she could not afford the money for school uniform and she had four children to cater for, she added that any money she earned was spent on feeding. Her situation was pathetic. We cannot out of conscience let her go without giving her money.

These experiences and others not mentioned here largely informed the decision of the acting Executive Director to kick-start the HDI-ETF project.