Written by: Mrs Olufunso Owasanoye

This short piece is for all (of us) parents.
The first mindset we must have is that there is no perfect template for parenting, but we must put in our best and work at it. As parents we are almost always busy, but out of our busy schedules we must create time for our children. Let them have the feel of you, be close to them and be their friends, listen to them, criticize them constructively, it makes them confide in us. Childhood and adolescence have their peculiar challenges. They are forming identity and want to belong; they need us for direction and guidance especially on reproductive health and rights issues
Child sexual abuse is on the increase, be vigilant and sensitive conduct thorough checks on domestic servants; some who may dress in your home as females may in actuality be males. Educate your children to  speak out on issues bothering them; ask them questions with love. Understand and be patient with them, so many external factors contend with them such as social media influence, peer pressure and unfriendly environment. Note that an abused child without support will end up growing into troubled adulthood.

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