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Governance and Accountability

HDI also works in the area of governance and accountability and specifically has a project designed and dedicated to strengthen accountability and governance at the local government area (LGA) level. Read more

Medical/Health Intervention

Annually, a special day is set aside when widows get free medical screening, OTC drugs and access to doctors for consultation and psychosocial counseling. read more

The Law and Policy Reform

The law and policy reform component of HDI’s work relates to our partnership with various groups and networks to improve the law and policy in the thematic areas that we work in.
read more

Legal and Psycho-Social Counseling

A centre providing free legal and psychosocial counseling services was inaugurated in 1998 to address diverse forms of challenges widows encounter as a result of the demise of their spouse. read more

Life Skill & Economic Empowerment.

Life-skills development and economic empowerment program which was introduced in 1999 and has remained an annual program since. This came into being in the light of endemic poverty accentuated by lack of skills for self-sustenance. read more

School Intervention Program

Regular morning assembly talks, mentoring and counselling in schools across Lagos State. HDI also organizes a yearly adolescents programme tagged “A Day-Out with Adolescents”. read more

Human Development Initiatives (HDI) was conceived in 1996. It had its first public event in 1997 and was registered as a not for profit in 1998. The main objectives of the organisation are to build human capacity with emphasis on development; read more

  • Life Skill & Economic Empowerment.
  • Legal and Psycho-Social Counseling
  • The law and policy reform
  • Public Education through Media Collaboration
  • Governance and Accountability
  • Youth and Child Rights Advocacy.

To strengthen vulnerable HUMANS, in society by social DEVELOPMENT programmes and INITIATIVES that promote equality, justice, solidarity and opportunities

To build total human development by gathering and sharing information on human rights especially social and economics rights, conduct training, law and policy reforms and by working with and empowering vulnerable groups to address their needs and concerns.

Upcoming event

International Day for People Living with Disability.
Date: Monday 3rd December 2018
Venue: 2, Iwaya Rd, Onike