Human Development InitiativesDSCN4179 organised a tweeting session on ‘the State of Infrastructure in Public Schools.’ The theme was apt as most public schools in Nigeria are faced with the challenge of inadequate and non-functional educational facilities; and dilapidated infrastructure. The tweeting session was aimed at getting the audience in the conversation and as well proffer solutions with a view to improving the current state of infrastructure in public schools. Using the hashtag #Realchange and #UBENigeria, the tweeting session had a total of 1,910,124 impressions and 1,348,803 reach.

Some of the suggestions arriving from the tweets are as follows:

  1. Education policy should integrate the visually impaired and special students into their academic infrastructural frame.
  2. The level of maintenance of existing infrastructure in public school should be scaled up.
  3. The Federal Government should assist both the State and Local Governments in providing modern infrastructure in public schools.
  4. Federal, State and Local governments should as a matter of urgency complete abandoned school projects to ease class congestion
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