Human Development Initiatives (HDI) was conceived in 1996. It had its first public event in 1997 and was registered as a not for profit in 1998. The main objectives of the organisation are to build human capacity with emphasis on development; promote human development ideals; propagate and disseminate information on human development ideals and civic education at the grassroots and other levels of education; engage in developmental/educational activities such as research studies, seminars, conferences, street law programmes; investigate social malaise, prepare reports and publication.

HDI’s clients comprise women-especially widows, youths and teenagers – especially in-school adolescents, and children especially those in worst forms of labour. In fulfillment of its objectives, the organisation provides five broad category of services to its clients – legal and psychosocial counseling services; Life- Skills and Economic Empowerment services which includes Health Screening Intervention/information services; law and policy reform and media and public education. These activities are complemented by publications and advocacy to enhance Public Education value of our projects. The media advocacy is run in partnership with various radio and print media organisations in the country. All activities revolve around these thematic areas.

What We Do

  • General Counseling

  • Law & Policy Development

  • Free Legal & Psycho-social Services

  • Assembly talks

  • Day out with girls and/or  Boys

  • Community Development Programmes

  • Scholarship for orphans and children of widows and widowers (HDI-ETF)

  • Child Rights, Education & Development

  • Human Rights & Advocacy Programmes

  • Strategy Workshops for Community Leaders

  • Small Business Development Support for Widows

  • Women’s Rights, Gender Education & Development

  • Research Studies, Workshops, Seminars and Conferences

  • Capacity Building for School Counsellors

  • Primary to tertiary schools programmes

  • Psychotherapy – individual therapy, family therapy or group therapy

  • Mediation Services


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