HDI-ETF Distribution of education materials to beneficiaries; September, 2016

Thursday 8th of September 2016, was a memorable day in the lives of ETF beneficiaries and their parents/guardians who gathered at the

Human Development Initiatives Office complex to receive education packs. The packs handed down to beneficiaries contained school bags, mathematical set, exercise books and school sandals; parents of beneficiaries were also presented with money for their school uniforms at the event. While speaking at the event, the Acting Executive Director of Human Development Initiatives, and Director of the HDI-ETF scheme, Mrs Olufunso Owasanoye urged parents to monitor the progress and see to the welfare of their children and ensure that the money given for uniforms were not diverted into parents’ personal needs.

She also charged all beneficiaries to be up and doing, noting that their good results would encourage HDI and her several partners to continue with the scheme. She also promised that the organisation would purchase all  the necessary textbooks needed by beneficiaries and therefore directed them to present the organisation with copies of their list of books for the academic session, to  be  subsequently provided. Surviving parent of the beneficiaries also express their appreciation to the organisation.

One hundred and sixty one (161) currently on the scheme were given educational materials such as school bags, mathematical set, exercise books and school sandals.

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